1950 Fiction – The Legacy

From the Woman's Home Companion, downloadable short story with stunning illustration

This 13 page short story was published in the April 1950 issue of Woman’s Home Companion. It was written by Nevil Shute with a two page illustration by Dorothy Monet. The magazine published this as a two part serial. This was the first part, but there was no mention of when the 2nd part would be published, likely in the next issue. According to the magazine, the book version was to to be published soon by William Morrow & Co.

The stunning illustration from Dorothy Monet shows a pretty blonde woman holding a baby talking to a dark haired man in an island setting.

I have scanned the magazine pages of this short story. You will enjoy the accompanying ads included on the pages of this 71 year old work. Times have certainly changed. Download it below.

Woman’s Home Companion April 1950 – The Legacy – By Nevil Shute – Illustration by Dorothy Monet
Illustration by Dorothy Monet

“The sunlit hours, the ever present danger–these were Jean’s memories. But stronger than memory was the love that would take her on this journey back to Joe.”

“I’ll get it for you one way or another,” he said. She turned and faced him. “Don’t take any more risks for us Joe.”

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