1960 Fall Fashion
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1960 Fall Fashion Fabulous

Why do we love 1960's fashion? Take a look to see some great fall looks in mid-century perfection.

Wonderful fall fashion article from the pages of the September 1960 issue of Mademoiselle Magazine. Advice for the mid-century fashionista?  Wear fabrics with texture (silk alpaca, crisp taffeta, fuzzy tweeds), rich colors (plummy purples, magenta, lavender, yellows, greens, red), hemlines an inch and a half past the knees, and get yourself a 2-piece dress (pullover tops over easy skirts).

1960 fashion - coat and dress
Strawberry pink wool tweed coat and sleeveless dress from 1960
1960 stunning fashion
1960 Plaid coat, yellow wool jersey dress for corporate dress.
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