1953 – Poodle Knit Sweaters

A curly yarn of wool and mohair for the fifties poodle knit look

Our search for mid-century sweaters takes us to 1953 and the soft textured look of Poodle Knit. The January 1953 edition of Today’s Woman magazine tells us that poodle-knit yarn is a new discovery for talented mid-century makers who knit. It is a curly yarn made with a combination of wool and mohair. They show readers these four great looks made with the yarn and provide a way to write for the patterns. Just put a dime in an envelope and address it to Today’s Woman Service Department at Today’s Woman. Greenwich, Conn.

Poodle yarn is an exciting new discovery for women who love to knit. A curly yarn of wool and mohair – it’s by Bernet, called Riviera – it has the rich-textured look of poodle cloth fabrics. Easy to work with and moderately priced, this new yarn gives a luxury look to dresses and separates.

They even provide the cost to make each piece. For example, they tell us that it costs $12.50 to make the skirt and $11.20 to make the jacket shown above.

Here’s a shawl that cost $9.60 to make.

The combination of wool and mohair in this newly discovered yarn makes it both soft and warm – perfect for a stole

And a soft textured cardigan that cost $10.50 to make.

Here’s a dressy top made with the yarn that includes a beaded filigree embellishment.

Navy-blue yarn – good any season makes this two-piece dress with very full skirt and scoop-necked top. We like the top sleeveless and sparkling with decorative bronze beads. Yearn for the skirt costs $16. For the blouse, only $6.60.

Today’s Woman was a household magazine made “For Young Wives”. Here is a peek at the magazine cover and table of contents.

Today’s Woman Cover and Table of Contents – January 1953

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