1956 – Illustration by Earl Goodenow

Illustration for short story titled By the Chimney with Care

Today’s Christmas-themed illustration is by Earl Goodenow. This charming scene of children singing was published in the December 1956 edition of Women’s Day magazine. It accompanied a story titled “By the Chimney with Care” by Virginia B Feine.

Christmas! A fifth baby coming! And her husband far away!

By the Chimney with Care by Virginia B Feine – Illustration by Earle B Goodenow

The short story by Virginia B Feine is available for download at the bottom of this post.

After googling Earle B Goodenow, I was thrilled to find a great deal of information about this talented man and his artistic Japanese American family. He was best known as an author and illustrator of children’s books. Some of his books have been republished and can be purchased new on Amazon.

The Careless Kangaroo by Earl Goodenow
The Bashful Bear – By Earle Goodenow

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