1953 – Mid-century Comfort

Kick back and enjoy your Clark Gable mustache

I recently purchased a handful of mid-century magazines for a publication called “Living”. As the name suggests, it is a household magazine that demonstrates quality living for family and home. The image you see was found on the pages of the August 1953 edition. The man leaning back looking cool and sophisticated is advertising a Firestone product called Foamex.

Foamex – for comfort in cars, for comfort in pillows, for comfort in mattresses

The advertisers did something different for this ad. They introduced the setting for the mustached man. His modern living space was located in the upscale community of Palo Alto.

Here’s why he’s the most comfortable husband in Palo Alto, California

Foamex by Firestone ad – Living – August 1953

I was surprised to learn that Foamex is still an option for modern day comfort. A company named Comfort Option uses Foamex for its foam beds. Their story references Foamex history from the mid-century and includes this picture of their mid-century storefront.

Foamcraft Rubber Storefront from ComfortOption.com

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