1958 – Ruff and Tumble Kid Protection

Use Scotchgard to protect couches from kids

This kid wearing a football helmet and eating a snack while sitting on a fabulous mid-century modern sectional is brought to us from Scotchgard. The image appeared in an October 1958 Good Housekeeping ad.

The product was said to prevent stains caused from soil, oil, or water. The idea is to spray it on a surface or purchase the surface already treated with Scotchgard.

Stotchgard Stain Repeller Logo – 1959

Scotchgard was a new product in 1958 after its discovery in 1952 by 3M scientists. Sales did not begin until 1956.

Football Player on Couch – Scotchgard Ad – Good Housekeeping October 1958

Although the formula was changed, it is still sold as a stain repellent and is commonly used for furniture, carpets, and even umbrellas.

Scotchgard – 2022

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