1951 – Betty Lou has Fresh Breath

She had fun, but what about the outcasts that don't use Listerine?

Yesterday we featured a Listerine ad showing a classroom with sneezing students and empty chairs. The ad suggested that children gargle with Listerine twice daily to prevent colds. Today’s post also features a Listerine ad. Here, it takes credit for this high schooler’s party popularity.

Betty Lou used Listerine Antiseptic before leaving home. The other girl didn’t. That little extra-careful precaution spelled the difference in their popularity.

Listerine Ad – School Party Girl – McCalls April 1951

How is your breath today? To be Extra-Attractive be Extra-Careful

And then there’s those who don’t use Listerine. These poor folks are destined to be outcasts. Here are a few ads from the early mid-century that use fear to convince people to buy Listerine.

Bad Breath Outcast – McCalls August 1951
1952 Listerine Ad – Daisy Chain – Ladies Home Journal July 1952
Always a Bridesmaid Listerine Ad – McCalls September 1951
Beach Beauty Banished for Bad Breath – Listerine Ad Today’s Woman July 1951

And then there’s this one suggesting that washing your hair with Listerine will prevent dandruff.

She should have used Listerine to prevent Dandruff – McCalls July 1949

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