1961 – A lot of Clothes, A lot of Pink

Just a girl and a frilly dress.

What is this mid-century photo advertising? We see a young girl in a yellow dress leaning over a bed filled with neatly folded clothing, towels, and blankets. What kind of product is it advertising?

Fels Laundry Soap – McCalls May 1961

Laundry soap. This ad for the May 1961 edition of McCalls magazine was for a little-known laundry soap called Fels Naptha.

Fels for a spotless reputation

Fels Naptha Soap Granules – May 1961

Guess what? The brand still exists today.

Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover for sale – 2022

The product has been around since 1893. It is used in today’s world to pre-treat stains. It is apparently also used to treat poison ivy. When was the last time you saw something for less than $2 in the laundry isle?

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