1963 – PYREX

Mid-century advertising from Pyrex Ware

If you’ve walked through an antique store, or ate dinner at grandma’s house, you have likely seen these classic PYREX bowls and casserole dishes. The set you see is from their Town and Country collection. Prices started at $3.95 when this ad was published in the May 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping.

Everything looks delicious. When’s supper?

Goes straight from freezer to oven.

PYREX was famous for its durability. The company offered this guarantee:

Guarantee: Any PYREX brand product which breaks from heat within two years of date of purchase, when used according to instructions, may be replaced by any PYREX ware dealer in exchange for the broken pieces.

2 page Pyrex ad – Good Housekeeping May 1963

The needs of mid-century homemakers were considered in the design of their collections. The ad below shows a clever way to serve the hot dishes with their magic cradle.

PYREX Magic Cradle Ad – McCalls May 1961

Like magic, piping hot casseroles–large or small, round, oval, rectangular–fit in world’s first self-adjusting serving cradle!

This ad from the February 1962 edition of Mccalls suggested PYREX as the perfect gift.

PYREX boxed gift ad – McCalls February 1962

It was even sold in boxes for easy gift-giving.

PYREX gift boxes – 1962
PYREX Ware logo from a 1963 ad

PYREX was introduced to the world in 1915 and is still a popular choice for cooks. The products are easily sourced in today’s world. Here’s a look at their classic measuring cups. I have these in my cupboard and use them on a regular basis. Come to think of it, I got my 4 cup from my mom who bought it in the 70’s.

Pyrex measuring cups – 2022

Here are a few more ads.

Pyrex and Corning Booklet – Bride and Home magazine June 1964
Pyrex Beverage Makers and Servers – Bride and Home Magazine – June 1964
Pyrex Ware Early American Collection – Good Housekeeping November 1963
Pyrex Town and Country Collection Good Housekeeping October 1963

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