1961 – Renault Dauphine

The 40 MPG mid-century compact.

For the mid-century summer traveler with $1385 who wants a tiny compact car that’s easy to drive, here is a funny looking import that stands out from the typical mid-century American car.

Renault Dauphine ad – McCalls May 1961

This 1961 Renault Dauphine ad talked about the car’s ability to turn easily and fight traffic while getting 40 MPG gas mileage.

Renault Dauphine – You get Just a Little Bit more

Renault Dauphine Ad – McCalls May 1961

This cute ad for this cute car appeared in the May 1961 edition of McCalls magazine. So what was the price per gallon at the gas pump in 1961? 31 cents.

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