1962 – Jam and Oatmeal

More than you ever wanted to know about mid-century Quaker Oats ads.

My search for mother child images from 1962 brought me to this delightful image of a mother and her daughter for Quaker Oats. The daughter’s breakfast is a giant bowl of oatmeal with cream and strawberry jam. Daughter hasn’t yet touched the oatmeal, she is busy licking the jam spoon.

Quaker Oatmeal Ad – Good Housekeeping October 1962

This is one of a series of Quaker Oatmeal ads from my collection of mid-century woman’s magazines that feature a child eating oatmeal with an adoring mom looking on. Here are 2 others that I have posted previously.

And here are 2 more that I found in my collection. Besides the mother/child images, they also include some additional information such as suggestions for what to add to your oatmeal. Syrup or brown sugar anyone?

Quaker Oats ad – Good Housekeeping January 1963
Quaker Oats Ad – McCalls September 1961

And just when you thought you had heard everything you ever wanted to know about mid-century Quaker Oats ads, here’s one more that I found. This one targets wives and encourages her to feed her hubby Quaker Oats in the morning.

Oatmeal sticks to his ribs . . . kind of gives his spirits a lift until lunchtime

Quaker Oats Ad – McCalls December 1960 – Harvy Korman on bus

I can’t be sure, but the guy in the hat reading a newspaper looks a lot like Harvey Korman.

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