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1963 – Rock Hudson

Article about movie star Rock Hudson from Good Housekeeping

Rock Hudson – April 1963 Good Housekeeping

Rock Hudson was 37 at the time Good Housekeeping magazine published this article titled, “Is He the Next Cary Grant?”. The article described Hudson as a down-to-earth “rags-to-riches legend”.

. . . an actor so ostensibly lacking in conceit, vanity, temperament, affection or even ego that he is almost too good to be true.

Hudson was compared to the older Cary Grant due to his charm, good looks, and ability to star in block buster dramas as well as comedies. In 1963, both actors were popular leading men. Grant was still going strong in 1963 starring with fellow legends such as Audrey Hepburn in Charade. But Hudson was twenty years younger and perfect for dramas such as The Spiral Road and comedies such as Pillow Talk with Doris Day.

For five of the past six years, he has been rated the nation’s top male box office attraction.

The article, written by Kirtley Baskette, referenced Hudson as an unattached bachelor with no intention of marriage.

Except for one brief and fruitless union, he has remained Hollywood’s most romantically relaxed, one girl at a time bachelor. At 37, Hudson gives no sign of changing his status.

Is he the Next Cary Grant? – Rock Hudson Article – April 1963 Good Housekeeping

It took 2 more decades before the world would know that Rock Hudson was a gay man. It was unfortunately revealed with the news that he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984. He was the first celebrity to disclose his AIDS diagnosis. Rock Hudson died at age 59 in 1985 due to an AID-related illness.

Hudson was also a popular TV star. He starred in McMillan & Wife in the 1970’s and later in Dynasty in the early 80’s.

The article is available for download below.




Rock Hudson on MidCenturyPage.com – Vintage Magazine Archive

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