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1957 – Vegas Fun, Fashion, and Cigarettes

A mid-century visit to Vegas for the fashionable

Here we have a business man, a cowboy, a roulette wheel, and a decked out woman hoping to score. Any guesses who will win? Fingers crossed that it was the sharply-dressed business man and not the nicotine.

This strange fashion article was published in the April 1957 edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. It told the reader about a wild place out west called the Las Vegas strip.

In the casino of the hotel El Rancho Vegas on the great glittering Strip of Las Vegas, Nevada, there are no clocks–the roulette wheel spins twenty-four hours a day.

Here, against the background of the New wild-but-not-so-rugged West, a dress that might have been worn by a belle of the Comstock Lode.

The article seemed to be as much about cigarettes as fashion. Is it just me, or does it look like this model’s mouth is on fire?

2 page fashion article photographed in the El Rancho Vegas from Harpers Bazaar April 1957

2 comments on “1957 – Vegas Fun, Fashion, and Cigarettes

  1. Cigarettes were a big advertising item years ago. Do you remember the Marlboro Man – or was that before your time?


  2. Oh yes. I remember the Marlboro man and all of the other assorted cigarette advertisements. Thankfully I never took up smoking, but it was definitely part of the culture for those of us who grew up in the 1960’s.


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