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1954 – How to Fit a Sewing Pattern

A timeless technique for sewers

When I saw this article in my vintage woman’s magazine collection, I was curious if the technique to alter a sewing pattern to fit one’s size and shape was similar to what they teach today. It was. The article from the February 1954 edition of Today’s Woman magazine describes the same process as what I learned in my Palmer/Pletsch sewing pattern fit class on

Since patterns are designed for the average woman and most of us are a little taller, shorter or often broader, there is usually some alternations to do. A good rule for keeping alterations to a minimum is to purchase most patterns by bust size and, if necessary, adjust the hips and waist.

A mid-century woman’s magazine such as Today’s Woman catered to the needs of a busy homemaker. References to DIY processes such as sewing were not uncommon. Sewing for home, children, and fashion was often an expectation. This, or course is different from today’s world where sewing is more hobby than necessity.

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