1952 – Daisy Chain Shame

Buy Listerine or die alone

1952 Listerine Ad

Listerine mouth wash ads seemed to be extra ruthless in mid-century woman’s magazines. Apparently the goal was to shame the reader and make her feel like she should either use Listerine or be an outcast. This copy of this one is telling of the mid-century mindset.

Some of the girls were leaving college for careers, others for a future of social gaiety, and a great many others to be married. But Julia could look forward to none of these experiences . . . Socially, she was the weakest link in the Daisy Chain . . . and she didn’t know why. It could be you!

1952 Listerine Ad – Daisy Chain – Ladies Home Journal July 1952

Why risk offending needlessly…why take chances with makeshifts when Listerine Antiseptic is such a delightful, extra-careful preauction against bad breath?

Here is another one from 1951. The copy reads, “Let the Tide take her out. I won’t”

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