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1953 – Jeremiah Goodman Illustrations

Great mid-century modern room illustrations in this 1953 home décor article.

The topic of this 1953 article from the February edition of Today’s Woman magazine was window solutions. It has some great illustrations from an artist named Jeremiah Goodman. It wasn’t until I googled his name that I discovered the significance of this article and his work. Goodman was known for his outstanding contributions to the field of interior design. He was only 31 when he provided these drawings to Today’s Woman and already making a name for himself in the advertising and architectural world. The New York Times called him “The Rembrandt of 20th Century rooms”. He passed away in 2017 at the age of 94.

His stunning illustrations were used to provide solutions for the mid-century home owner wishing to add window coverings to a variety of types of windows. They gave ideas for dormer windows, picture windows, corner windows, etc. The illustrations showed ideas for both traditional and contemporary rooms.

Problem: the dormer window

Solution: Plastic draperies you can cut to sill length and wipe clean with a damp cloth. In many patterns. 48″ wide, about $2 pair





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