1952 – Eaton’s Stationary

The extinct practice of letter writing

I doubt if the folks who created this 1952 ad for Eaton Writing Papers would have predicted that the practice of letter writing would be almost extinct 70 years later. The laborious practice seems unnecessary from our 21st century perspective, but I do admit that sending and receiving a letter to or from a loved-one was (and is) special.

The ad appeared in the April 1952 edition of Today’s Woman magazine.

It is Eaton’s creative flair that brings you, every season, beautiful new originals in letter paper – all meticulously made and beautifully detailed.

2 comments on “1952 – Eaton’s Stationary

  1. I find it sad that we don’t send letters and cards now. As a history nut we know much about the past because of the letters and journals people wrote. I suppose we can now look up emails and tweeter but it somehow seems less personal. I still send birthday cards and cards for just no reason. And I am always amazed at how grateful the people who received them seem to be. I think they miss that personal touch also.


    • So true. I like the sweetness that comes from a hand-written card or note. It seems like it is more thoughtful and genuine when I sit down with pen and paper instead of a keyboard. I know what you mean learning about the past through letters. I prefer that over a history book.

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