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1963 – Nursery Rhyme Easter Eggs

Mid-century inspiration for crafting with kids.

3 Blind Mice Easter Eggs – Good Housekeeping April 1963

Making Easter eggs was always a welcome activity in my home when I was a kid. The tradition carried on to my own children. There is something about the thrill of vibrant colors from the dye process. This article from the April 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping offered ideas for ambitious egg artists. Give the egg a personality by giving it a face. The theme was nursery rhymes characters.

We’ve lifted Humpty Dumpty, Hickety Pickety Hen, Three Blind Mice, and Three Men in a tub straight from Mother Goose’s Page and made them three-dimensional by means of eggs and a few simple materials.

The article suggested a supply list of cardstock, poster paints, yarn, tape. string, tape, and straws. It offered tips. When decorating the eggs, make sure the egg is perfectly clean, and place them in a napkin ring or small plastic cup to keep them from rolling. They even provided a page of templates to use to cut the paper.

Article about making Easter eggs – April 1963
Nursery Rhyme Easter Eggs Template

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