Beauty Illustration

1961 – Tussy Eye Cream

Illustration by Tom Morrow

Tom Morrow Illustration 1960's woman with big eyes
Tom Morrow Illustration from McCalls magazine September 1961 for Tussy Eye Cream

It is not had to guess the era for this Tom Morrow illustration for Tussy Eye Cream. The style speaks 1960’s. It was published early in the decade in the September 1961 edition of McCalls magazine. The illustration was for Tussy Eye Cream.

Be cagey about crow’s feet try Tussy Eye Cream

Tussy Eye Cream Ad
Tussy Eye Cream Ad with Tom Morrow Illustration – 1961

Use it faithfully every night and soon you won’t believe your pretty eyes!

Tom Morrow is best known for his Broadway play posters. His work was a diversion from the mid-century illustration seen in the 1950’s. Here is another ad for Tussy. This one was published in the September 1960 edition of Mademoiselle magazine.

1960 Tussy Illustration by Tom Morrow
Classic 1960s illustration by Tom Morrow for Tussy 2 Step Blemish Cream

More Information

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