1959 – Chocolate Cake Cookbook

Dozens of cake and frosting recipes just like grandma made.

Chocolate Cakes and Frostings Collectors Cookbook from Woman’s Day May 1959

Woman’s Day magazine would include a small glue-bound recipe book inside their mid-century magazines. These “Collector’s Cookbooks” could be clipped out of the magazine for easy storage. Here we have Collector’s Cookbook #28 from their May 1959 issue. It includes dozens of cake and frosting recipes all made with chocolate.

Here’s a sampling:

Chocolate 7-Layer Cake
Midnight Lace Cake
Chocolate Poundcake
Prune Chocolate Cake
Mocha Cake
Spicy Fudge Cupcakes
Orange Cream cheese Frosting

I have scanned the contents of the book and included it for you as a download below.

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