1956 – Typing and Ice Cream

Love at night thanks to Remington Typewriters

Date night at Will Wright's - Couple enjoying banana split - Remington type writer at - 1956
Date night at Will Wright’s – Couple enjoying banana split – Remington typewriter ad- 1956

I doubt if this charming couple enjoying a sundae in 1956 ever expected to have their photo shared by a crazy blogger 66 years later. But here we are. I’m typing these words on an early Saturday in February while sitting in bed with a computer on my lap. All I need to do is click the publish button and the post will be available to anyone in the world who wants to read it. We are the folks in the future that our mid-century peers wondered about. But as they looked to the future, we look to the past. Our technology is more advanced, that’s for sure. They had electric typewriters, and we have laptops. But we share the same soul. We still enjoy eating ice cream and we still enjoy some fun after a hard day’s work.

The ad you see is for Remington Electric Typewriters. It was published in the October 1956 edition of Today’s Secretary Magazine.

Remington Electric Typewriter ad - Today's Secretary October 1956
Remington Electric Typewriter ad – Today’s Secretary October 1956

Alive after five . . . thanks to her Remington Electric Typewriter. And no wonder — electricity does the work–helps today’s smart women of letters turn out such truly beautiful work in so little time, with so little effort and so pleasing to the boss.

Reading the small print at the top of the page, we learn that the photo was taken at Will Wright’s Ice Cream Parlor in Westwood, CA. After a quick search, I learned that the cool restaurant was a popular chain in the LA area and a great place to take a date after dinner and a movie. The small print also revealed that the fabulous dress the women is wearing was by Wayne Fuller of M. Nadler Designs.


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