1959 – Illustration by Tom Lovell

For short story titled Good, Better, Worse by Lawrence Williams

Good Housekeeping Sept 1959 – Illustrated by Tom Lovell

Here is yet another illustration for my 28 Days of Love image collection. It is made possible by illustrator Tom Lovel who provided us with this fun image of a mid-century pair sharing a private and passionate moment. The illustration accompanied a short story titled Good, Better, Worse by Lawrence Williams. The 10 page short story was published in the September 1959 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Illustration by Tom Lovell – Good Housekeeping September 1959

Tom Lovell was an accomplished illustrator born in 1909 in New York City. In the early mid-century, he lived in an artist colony in New Rochel New York where his talented neighbors were fellow illustrators such as Norman Rockwell. He eventually moved west and lived in New Mexico. His passion was Western History and later in his career, he used his art to illustrate historical events.

The Good Housekeeping short story is available for download below.

1959 Illustration by Tom Lovell


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