1963 – 3 Woman – a very short short Story

This 2 page short story reminds us that times change, but family stays the same.

1963 Illustration by Irene Preveden

Here’s a quick 2 page short story that was published in the October 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. It is a fun read that takes us back to a simpler time.

Readers of mid-century magazines would typically find short stories among the pages of their favorite magazines. They would range from a few pages to several pages that were spread throughout the issue. The short stories always included drawings from talented illustrators. The untypical 2 page short story featured here by Irene Foster includes a 1/2 page illustration by Irene Preveden.

Vintage Illustration of Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter from Good Housekeeping 1963

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