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1951 Eleanor Roosevelt Writes for McCalls

This former first lady wrote a monthly column called If You Ask Me

Eleanor Roosevelt behind her desk in 1951 – McCalls monthly column called If you Ask Me

Today’s Bloganuary prompt asks, “Who is someone you admire and why?”

Since this blog acts as a time capsule back to the twentieth mid-century, I will answer the question as a women living in 1951. My answer would be Eleanor Roosevelt. The popularity of this former first lady remained well past her husband’s presidential term ended with his death in 1945. FDR’s widow was a source of inspiration of US women during and past the Roosevelt’s White House days. She was smart, well-educated, well-spoken, charismatic, and loyal to the country and her husband.

Mrs. Roosevelt was hired by McCalls magazine to write a monthly Q & A column titled “If You Ask Me”. The images below show columns from both 1951 and 1961. If you ask me, the questions and answers are quite interesting.

If You Ask Me Eleanor Roosevelt Column – August 1951 McCalls Magazine
If You Ask Me Eleanor Roosevelt Column – September 1961 McCalls Magazine

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