1951 Fruit Canning Recipes

As summer heats up, here are 3 pages of fruit preserves recipes from the August 1951 issue of Today’s Woman magazine.  The article includes instructions for basic canning and the following recipes.

  • Spiced Blackberry Jelly
  • Grapy and Pineapple Jelly
  • Grapefruit and Orange Jelly
  • Mint Jelly
  • Cranberry and Grapefruit Jelly
  • Cherry Jam
  • Peach Jam
  • Pineapple-Strawberry Jam
  • Pear and Plum Jam
  • Strawberry-Apple Jam
  • Old-fashioned apple Jam
  • Pineapple Marmalade
  • Rhubarb Marmalade
  • Easy Apple Butter
  • Mixed Fruit and Nut Preserves

Click the link below to open the article.
Fruit preserves Today’s Woman August 1951

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