1963 Martex Towel Ad

1963 Towel Love

Plush towel in floral from 1963.

This ad for Martex towels was published in Good Housekeeping November 1963. At first glance, it looks like a fashion ad. Rather, the model is draped with a plush floral towel which sold for $2.00.

1963 Martex Towel Ad
1960’s model draped in a floral towel.
1963 Towel Ad
1963 Towel Ad

3 comments on “1963 Towel Love

  1. I think I can vaguely remember towels with that kind of pattern!


    • My parents had a set of “nice towels” like these but we weren’t allowed to use them. Funny.

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      • I knew a family who weren’t allowed to walk on the middle section of the stair carpet! Guests were allowed but family had to step on the edges so that it wore evenly! They looked pretty odd doing it!

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