1959 Laundry Ad

1959 Daisies and Pony Tails

Another mid-century mom and daughter ad from 1959 showing a happy trio.

Like the other Sta-Flo starch ad I posted recently, this one also features a mom and her 2 daughters.  Here the girls are wearing bows, pony tails, and [predictable] short, crooked bangs. The ginger trio are all adorable in their crisp dresses. The pile of daisies complete the scene.

1959 Sta-Flo ad
1959 Sta-Flo ad with mom and daughters in crisp dresses
1959 Mom and Daughters
1959 Sta-flo ad from the Sept issue of Good Housekeeping

Here’s the previously-posted ad from 1958.

1958 Vintage Ad
Auburn-hair trio in white. Mom reading to daughters for Sta-flo starch
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