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1951 Husband Hunting

Photos and excerpts from a 1951 article titled "Wanted, a Husband".

McCalls magazine published a 7 page story titled “Wanted – a Husband” in the their┬áSeptember 1951 issue. The writer focused on a coed attending Newcomb college in New Orleans during the Korean War.

Following are excerpts from that article.

“Sara Woods, a college sophomore, has one great ambition; to be happily married. it’s an ambition she shares with most nineteen-year-old girls – and, like them, she is finding her prospects threatened by the demands of the armed forces for more young men.”


“High on the deck of their dormitory, where boys can’t seem them, Sara and her friends finish studying. Her curlers will come out at 6:00 when Sara dresses for Sigma Chi Sweetheart party, which starts at 8:00.”


“A classmate is engaged, and Sara and her friends glow with excitement and envy. As a result of the draft, a fifth of Sara’s class at Newcomb is engaged or ‘engaged to be engaged’.”


“Sara Woods isn’t forcing the issue, but like her friends, she wants a ring on her finger before all the boys go to work for Uncle Sam.”

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