1955 A Mighty Breakfast

Article from a 1955 Family Circle that gives advice on what to fix for breakfast. Hope you're hungry!

As a fan of the 1950’s, I watched the movie Pleasantville with delight. My favorite scene  made fun of the over-the-top breakfasts prepared by the enthusiastic mom from the 1950’s. It showed a breakfast with an abundance of toast and cereal and eggs and sausage and bacon and hash browns and fruit and juice. I had assumed that this representation of a mid-century breakfast was exaggerated until I found an article from the September 1955 Family Circle titled “Take the monotony out of Breakfast”.  It provided 4 different breakfast menus sure to please the fam.   Hope you’re hungry . . .


The “Hot from the oven” menu

Mixed stewed fruits, shirred eggs with sliced pork roll, quick cinnamon rolls, butter, tea with lemon.

The “Sun’s up” menu

Baked apple with cream, golden french bread toast, marmalade, syrup, heat-and-eat sausages, milk.

The “Bright Opener” menu

Chilled cranberry juice, double cereal bowl, milk, scrambled eggs with scrapple and tomato rings, toast, coffee.

The “Junior Special” menu

Whole wheat cereal with sliced bananas and milk, soft cooked egg, bacon strips, raisin toast sticks, cocoa, orange finger wedges.


“Make that first meal of the day important, serve something you haven’t had for some time, give an old favorite a new twist. Families like leisurely weekend breakfasts together. Why not make it every day?”


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