1950 Back to School Clothes

From the August 1950 issue of Today’s Woman magazine, cowboys, sailors, and football players help give back-to-school clothes shopping advice to mid-century moms.


Text from this 4 page article reads states:

Experts agree that clothes play an important part in a child’s life, a fact being recognized in a practical way for manufactures. This fall mothers can find clothes well priced, well made, and in new, exciting fabrics – washable woolens that won’t shrink, dresses that need no ironing – clothes that conform to these five golden rules for dressing children:

  1. Clothes that are sturdy and practical

  2. Clothes that are easy to put on and take off

  3. Clothes that are comfortable

  4. Clothes that children like to wear

  5. Clothes that are like other children’s clothes



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